Bike Rental Service At Your Doorsteps Now | Bike Rental In Kolkata

Bike Rental Service:-Bike rental is not something new. You must have heard of it before and wondered if only you could have hired a bike for those busy days when you just want to swirl past the rush hour traffic.

To help you make your bad days get a bit better, Justbike is providing Bike rent service in Kolkata for all the commuters and passengers who want to ride past the never moving traffic of Kolkata.

Justbike is a self-driving bike rental platform from where you can hire bikes for cheap. Ideal for students or those who want to save some energy and money traveling within the city.

At Justbike, you can rent Bikes, Scooters, and even Cycles for hours or days depending on your need.

Why Just bike Bike Rental Service?

It is not a sales speech, but it is true that Justbike provides the best bike rental service in Kolkata for the cheapest price. At Justbike, you will find Cruisers, Sports bikes, standards, etc. that you can hire.

No matter what mood you wake up with, at Justbike, you will find the right bike for the right mood.

What You Can Expect?

At Justbike, quality is assured every time you opt for our service. We provide unmatchable vehicle quality to our customers. Some of the primary parameters that we maintain here are Justbike is:

Hassle-Free Experience for Smooth Ride:

Not every time you have time to spare behind filling up the endless paperwork that has become mandatory for every bike rental. Here at Justbike, we have tried to keep it as minimal as possible.

You don’t like paperwork? Neither us. We hate it! We try to get the job done because we respect and understand the availability of time. 

Bike Rental Service Justbike
Bike Rental Service Justbike

So, all you need to do is, get to our contact us page, find your city, drop us a mail, and our agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can even give us a call if you like, and our agents will be here to help you with your queries.

If you agree to our terms and policies, hold a valid two-wheeler licensed, recognized by the government of Indian and the State Government of West Bengal, and matches the criteria of the motor vehicular act, you are eligible enough to rent a bike from us.

See how easy it is to rent a bike from Justbike, the top bike rental service in Kolkata providing its customer the top quality bike rental service for years.

Bike Rental Service Quality Service:

Bike Rental Service:- We don’t like to brag about our service, but why not? We worked hard to achieve the level of love and trust we receive from our customers.

When you will be balancing your life on two wheels, you need to make sure that the wheels are tight enough. Here at Justbike, before allotting any bike for rent, we make sure that the vehicles are scrutinized by experienced and certified personals.

From the air pressure to the odometer, we make sure that everything is working fine in the vehicle so that our customers can enjoy the utmost satisfaction.

We have our vehicles insured and checked. So, you are in safe hands.

No Hidden Charges:

Don’t you hate it when the initial price shows 100 and the checkout price is 450? Hidden charges are a spot spoiler. It ruins our mood every time. So, to provide our customers with an unmatched experience, we have removed every hidden charge while renting the vehicle.

We cover insurance and every other charge. The price you see on the website is the price you need to pay while checking out, only a few pennies here and there, adding the taxes.

All you need to pay except the rent of the vehicle is the petrol charge. Fill as much as you need it, and ride it out. That’s how we roll (pun intended).

Psst, you need to carry your own gear, or you can rent gear from here.

Wide Range of Choices:

We all love having choices, but here at Justbike, it’s overwhelming. Truth be told, we all have our dream bike. We all have our types. Some prefer the laid back style, minimalist design, and utmost comfort for long rides, so they go for our Cruiser Bikes.

Bike Rental Service
Bike Rental Service

We provide top quality Cruiser bike for rent in Kolkata. From Bajaj Avenger to KTM Duke, we have every type of bike available here in a wide range of colors. Some of them can get you a free helmet as well.

So, before you decide to rent a bike in Kolkata from Justbike, there are a few things you need, such as:-

  • The rider should be of age 20 years
  • Document 1: Driving License
  • Document 2: Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport (Any one of the mentioned)
  • Decide the bike you want
  • Choose the right color that matches your personality

Drop-off And Pick Up From Your Door:

When you rent a bike from us, we try to provide you the comfort of hassle-free traveling. So, we deliver the bike to your doorstep and will collect it from your doorstep at the end of your ride. Be it after a few hours or a week, we will pick it up.

We have made everything as laid back as possible for your utmost comfort.  

Bike Rental Service
Bike Rental Service

Bike Rental Service Justbike is an all in one solution when you want to rent a bike in Kolkata but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.

Our wide range of choices for such little amount makes bike renting in Kolkata affordable for everyone.

All you need to have is a valid driver’s license and any ID proof recognized by the Government of India and State government of West Bengal. You can even choose to burn your fats rather than fuel by renting the top quality bicycles from us.

What are you still waiting for? Go book your ride now. 

8+Reasons To Vehicle Rent in Kolkata | Bike Rental In Kolkata 2020

Bike Rental In Kolkata:-Vehicle Rent in Kolkata Bikes are the best performance and image boosting vehicles you can buy, dollar for dollar on the planet! Do you remember seeing a biker at a psychiatrist’s office? Never.

I happen to live next to a psychiatrist’s office and was quite surprised to note several patients who originally arrived on really loud HDs, after 6 months to a year of visits, the same patients began arriving in sedans. Either this shrink is really good or really bad, depending on your POV.

To showcase your cool attitude

Motorcycles are extremely cool. Bikes tell the world, “I live my life largely! I
laugh at fear, I am adventurous!” Everyone who sees anyone on any bike thinks that you are successful and cool.

This is very valid even for kids, and less for inlaws—but still secretly impressed. Vehicle rent in Kolkata is easy and simple if you choose Just Bike. If you ride in sandals or flip flops, or without a helmet– then you look silly.

 Finding Your Zen

When you are on a motorcycle, your mind and thoughts are occupied by that
moment and only that moment. In this time frame you feel that enthusiasm
rushing through your veins, that the machine is big and at the same exact
moment, you are very well aware that you are also very, very small.

Those two concepts collide in your brain simultaneously, and that is when you have that look in your eyes. We see our universe for what it is and the transcending reality. Hire motorcycle or scooter in Kolkata and avail great offers

Vehicle Rent in Kolkata Travelling Is Easier And Fun

Waiting in traffic sucks. But it is a lot less pain if you live in one of the states
that allow spilling lanes. Even if you don’t I guarantee your run through traffic will be faster, you can navigate easily to commute in heavy traffic zones, and more enjoyable and more rewarding than if you were stuck in a car listening to news reports.

 Vehicle Rent in Kolkata
Vehicle Rent in Kolkata

You can rent a Vehicle Rent in Kolkata and travel as much you want. People who arrive at work and take off their helmet are 1,000 percent more like to be smiling than people who arrive in a happy and comfy Dodge Journey.

You know what is virtual Perspective

Setting your sights further down the road. Looking where you want to go. Being aware of the surroundings. Living in the moment. Vehicle Rent in Kolkata is extremely useful.

The solutions to most problems we encounter on the road while riding are the same as the solutions to most of life’s problems. Look further down the road when you’re feeling unstable and you’ll be alright in the end.

You’re Less Of A Drain On The System

The Ride-on bike is better for the environment than driving a car. You utilize less fuel. Your transport uses fewer resources so as to build. You take up less space. You even take less of a toll on roads and infrastructure.

The vehicles which Just Bike provides are in perfect condition and there is no scope for trouble that you would face while your trip is on. Motorbikes as a single-person (or two-person) transport are far more efficient. Motorbikes are generally also cheaper to buy, operate, and maintain than a car.

 Vehicle Rent in Kolkata
Vehicle Rent in Kolkata

A Motorcycle Can’t Be Hacked (Yet)

Okay, so we’re taking creative license a bit here because even cars can’t be
hacked really—there have been some stunts online but all of them required
someone having physical access to a vehicle at some point. We know, however, that the march of autonomous technology continues to advance and invade our driving experiences.

Just Bike provides premium vehicles that you rarely find on the streets. The collection we have While that technology is finding its way into motorcycles, (Ducati or Harley ), it is a lot harder to divorce the organic component from the equation when it comes to riding a bike. You can take that Cyberdyne!

Read More:-Bike Rental in Kolkata on Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly: Bikes for a Rent in Kolkata

Keep in mind memory, not phone

The beauty and appealing view that you see with naked eyes are like a camera lens. It gets stored in your brain. Others get lost in capturing it on the electronic devices and do not enjoy it seeing my eyes. View by eyes keep in our, that should be our motto.

 Vehicle Rent in Kolkata
Vehicle Rent in Kolkata

Take a break from the busy schedule and go on a ride with your loved ones. Rent a bike from Kolkata and simply search bike rent near me on Google search and you find us at that very moment.

Your Health Will Improve

In a study, it was found that a motorcyclist in traffic makes more decisions per min as compared to a fighter pilot in a dog fight, or a racing car driver engaged in a battle of the first position. There are so many medical journals that have shown links between increased brain activity and long-term cognitive function.

In the nutshell, a bike is good for your brain. People struggling with depression & other mental health issues find motorcycles therapeutic. If you also ride the offroad race, you will likely increase your physical fitness as well.

 Vehicle Rent in Kolkata
Vehicle Rent in Kolkata

This means Just Bike is the perfect replacement for a gym near me. It helps you stay active and fresh. Rather than picking weights, rent a motorcycle in West Bengal, and stay healthy. Vehicle Rent in Kolkata

Bike Rental in Kolkata on Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly : Bikes for a Rent in Kolkata

Bike Rental in Kolkata on Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly: Bikes for a Rent in Kolkata:- The world is moving at a pace and so are we.

Everyone wants speed in their life. When it comes to roadways, speed implies two-wheelers.

If you are looking for Bikes for a Rent in Kolkata “n the same page then. Just Bike offers the clients speed and comfort.

Bike Rental in Kolkata on Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

The lazy learners have the option to choose from a wide range of scooters which is available as scooter rental in Kolkata.

For young and bold riders, Just Bike has action-packed motorcycles starting from 150 ccs. Renting is so easy and feasible.

Everyone does not stay in a house they own, they rent it for years? Think about vehicles in the same way.

Bike Rental in Kolkata
Bike Rental in Kolkata

We call you a Virtual Owner. The party staying in the house is the owner of the rest of the world. That party takes care of the house as their own.

We wish you perform the same activities with the bike or motorcycle or scooter rented in Kolkata from JustBike.

When you have a long way up, do opt for Harley Davidson. It has RDRS Reflex Defensive Rider Systems.

Bike Rentals in Kolkata

This helps to enhance your riding confidence during unexpected situations or poor road conditions.

It opens your road to a new adventure. Life is getting monotonous, rent a bike in Kolkata.

If you are ready to race, KTM provides you the agility and move as a whistle flies.

KTM bike rental in Kolkata has options for sports, adventure, and naked.

Bike Rental in Kolkata
Bike Rental in Kolkata

It gives you the Long Riding Fun. The acceleration you get with KTM is something that clearly defines “View by eyes, Keep in Heart”.

With a 40+  BHP, it offers extreme power which should be used wisely. Honda CBR, from 250R Repsol edition to 1000RR.

Lean and float through the roads. The only sports Bike Rental in Kolkata that can provide comfort to the pillion rider. Ride hundreds of kilometers with great power and ease.

The trust of Honda gives self-assurance and ditching self-doubt. Calling it a beast with brains would be apt for this vehicle.

With the latest technologies intact in a single compact machine, the cat-eye motorcycles in Kolkata should be the first priority for city rides.

BMW G310 R standard and naked motorcycles are an asset to the biking industry.

People stop dreaming about owning this owing to the high market price.

Just Bike gives you the opportunity to own it for a day for as cheap as 2 grand.

With a single-piston floating caliper brake, the brand value completes the rest of its description. Rent BMW bike in Kolkata with 0 ( NO ) Security.

Deposit money and Home (Doorstep) delivery from Just Bike

Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen have gone old school and made the roads shine with Retro bikes again.

With great power comes great responsibilities, so Husqvarna has taken all measures to provide us with immense road grip and awesome handling. The innovative sleek the look adds to the beauty.

bike rental in kolkata
Bike Rental in Kolkata

You are just a few clicks away from renting a Svartpilen in Kolkata with no caution money.

Mountains are calling you? Himalayan should be the first thing that comes to you.

The name describes its usage and the parenthood of Royal Enfield makes it stand tall. Just Bike provides well-serviced vehicles for rent to you.

We want you to explore the world as per your own rules. The scenic beauty and fresh breeze make you feel alive.

The Thrill is Injected in Your DNA

when you start Himalayan for your journey.

The entry-level cruiser, another American based motorcycle firm, US Renegade Commando with a 300CC engine makes you stand apart and will make you fall in love with retro American style.

Pillion can enjoy the comfort of a sofa on the roadways. The high set handlebars will not tire you even if you ride for hours.

Rent Commando in Kolkata at the cheapest rate in India and witness what Americans have created.

The 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX has marked the fourth generation of a successful sport-touring

Bike Rental in Kolkata Platform

This racing machine abides by its name and is truly a NINJA.

Rent Kawasaki Ninja in Kolkata among various models including 300, 400, 800, 900, and 1000SX. There are very few models sold in India.

Just Bike has every model to serve you. The food is ready, take a step, and inform us, we’ll serve the plate for you.

Book from multiple packages that we have in store for you to keep you tension free. The all-new Hero Xtreme 160R can be rented by Just Bike.

this vehicle has not been launched even in the metro cities, and still, Just Bike grants you to own it.

Imagine riding a bike which the city has seen for the first time and people waiting for it to launch.

This naked electromechanical device is made with you in mind. Xtreme is suitable for in-city rides and outstation trips.

It is a great option to pick for your budget.JAWA Perak and 42 and the perfect choice for constructive people.

Rent single-seater Jawa Perak for office purposes or for a wedding. Smoothness was redefined by Suzuki when they created Gixxer 150 and 250 SF.

This young sister of Hayabusa has the capability to drag you through kilometers without tiring you.

Bike for a Rent in Kolkata
Bike for a Rent in Kolkata

You will feel safe and confident when you ride this. Just Bike claims it is an ACCIDENT-FREE vehicle (PS, we are not considering noobie or over smart in our prediction).

Rent a Sports bike in Kolkata bike rental in Kolkata and lease Suzuki Gixxer stay safe on roads.

Dual-channel ABS is an addition to the safety measures are taken by Suzuki and hence is the best choice to rent a vehicle in Kolkata.

Benelli Imperiale 400 is the best a man can get. A crazy acceleration and amazing road grip are Unparalleled.

The shine of this motorcycle makes you a winner. Need to go to friends’ place?

Hire a Benelli in West Bengal and make your appearance counted. It has an EXHAUST SYSTEM.

With catalytic Converter & Oxygen Sensors

Yamaha R1, R3, and R15 are the first names that we hear when it comes to style and power.

Yamaha has made the R series by keeping CC as low as possible and BHP as high as they could.

The Pillion gets a chance to see the world from another level. When you turn on the ignition, the beast is ready to be released.

Get set and Whoooom! 0 to 161 km/h in 5.11 seconds. This is what
you can achieve by renting a Yamaha R from Just Bike.

Just bikes have already included the future in its collection.

Hero Electric Photon, Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube Electric, Okinawa praise are the best electric scooters in India.

You get a 60km ride for each charge. Isn’t that wonderful? All you do is just pay the rent and start riding without any fuel cost.

Rent an e-scooter from us and have a seamless, budget-friendly, and futuristic ride.

Scooter Rental in Kolkata

Remember, you’re contributing to Save the Environment too by having an electric Scooter Rental in Kolkata.

Hyosung GT650R is the best choice for a sportbike lover. You get a progressive feel with the brakes.

It offers a 0-60mph time of 4.2 sec. and a 1/4 mile time of 12.84 sec @ 102.22 mph which is a great achievement in this range.

As per looks, it is lighter and much more contemporary.

Scooter Rental in Kolkata
Scooter Rental in Kolkata

Please do not get driven away by rumors, Hyosung is not made by Suzuki, it is a strategic business partner of Suzuki sharing a few technologies.

Rent Hyosung in Kolkata and get premium helmets free.

With the evolution of Bajaj and its plans to give power in the hands of riders, Dominar 400 unmatchable with any vehicle in its range.

This tigress has 110/70 R17 & 150/60 R17 front and rear tire sizes respectively making you feel the easy and comfortable on the road even at a 160 KMPH plus speed.

It derives its name from the Spanish language where it means to excel or exceed in power.

It is rightly termed as the cruiser-sport bike is the first choice for a tough rider.

Rent Dominar in Kolkata at the lowest price possible by just displaying your Aadhar Card and Driving License.

The all-time King of Kings, Royal Enfield Classic 350 and 500 has been the heart of the renting industry.

Just Bike has 188 Classic and still counting. This vehicle has been an integral part of human life since 1901.

Complying with the new BS6 norms, Royal Enfield has been the trendsetter and lets you show your aura to the world. Rent a Bullet in Kolkata for free on your birthday.

Bike Rental in Kolkata – Just Bike Will Bring a Cake for You as Well.

The rivalry has just begun, Triumph has topped in the high range vehicle list.

If you are strong, Triumph has something that will make your strongest.

Whether the lovely sound from silencer or ultra-luxury speed, everyone is bound to stare at you till you are in their visibility zone.

When it comes to looks, Triumph is stylish and elegant with a curb weight of 240Kg. Rent Bonneville T120 in Kolkata to feel the superhuman made power.

Bullet for a Rent in Kolkata
Bullet for a Rent in Kolkata

The vehicle closest to the cat is Yamaha MT-15. Rent this bike from Just Bike.

It’s an elder sibling, FZ-25 is a tough rider and can take to Ladakh with uninterrupted performance. These low cc high in bike rental in Kolkata

Bike Rental in Kolkata BHP Vehicles is Available for Rent at a Cheap Price.

Suzuki ranks higher in the list for scooters with its launch of Burgman Street.

The Water hover craft’s footrest design and in this Scooty makes it the most comfortable scooter in India.

Having separate sections for phone, wallet, charger with protective rain covers.

125CC scooters have Suzuki Burgman street at the top of its competitors. Destiny is defined by your actions.

The hero has proudly shown the way to their destiny with the creation of Desti-n-i 125. It is made with i3 Technology to enhance their existing designs.

Rent Hero Destini Scooty in Kolkata bike rental in Kolkata without giving any deposit money or having to move to any hub.

High power engine makes this scooter heavy and excellent for traveling on poor roads. Scooters help you carry enough for a day in bike rental in Kolkata.

Bike Rental in Kolkata
Bike Rental in Kolkata

From a charging port to extra space to fit your helmet and bag pack. Honda Dio has been the favorite MotoScooter of every individual.

Starting the new era of placing the headlight right above the tires has made every rival of Honda copy its style.

With the bright and new colors available to choose from, Just Bike has all the variety that Honda has developed for our clients to rent.

Hire a motor scooter to travel the entire city quickly and utilize the saved time to perform constructive tasks.

Aprilia SR 150 comes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which was a benchmark in the scooter industry.

With its sleek design and high power, it the only Scooty you can trust which you can ride or mountains and take it a highway.

Aprilia has revised it with body graphics which makes it most appealing to the eyes.

bike rental in Kolkata
bike rental in Kolkata

Matching up with the expectations, this vehicle is available for bike rental in Kolkata 24×7.

2020 has made an entry into the history of vehicles with the introduction of BS6.

As per the central government rules from April’20, it is mandatory to sell only BS6 vehicles.

This helped Just Bike reach zenith as it is our Golden Rule to keep new vehicles. So, 84% of our vehicles are BS6.

Rent BS6 motorcycles and scooters at 0.8% of the actual road price. Yes, you just pay 8/100th part of what the vehicle would cost you if you buy it from the showroom.

The Queen of Hills, Darjeeling is the only place coming to your mind when someone talks about mountains or snow or tea.

Rather than thinking about it, ride your way till Darjeeling renting a vehicle from Just Bike.

bike rental in kolkata
bike rental in Kolkata

We will provide you all the necessities and properly guide you so that you explore the most important places which one should see in their lifetime.

People think we’ll die and then our migration to HELL or HEAVEN is decided. The reality is NO.

This is HEAVEN and we live in it. Every human has his own timeline defined in this HEAVEN.

When you die, your time’s up! Don’t follow something that will lead to believe in false assumptions.

We grow up listening that there’s a man living up there in the sky who has a list of 10 things, which we should be doing and what we should not.

If we commit any of those 10 things which we told not to, we’ll be sent to a place where there will be boiling water and demons around, the

bike rental in Kolkata

That man, who lives up there, he still needs money, and, he loves you! Time is a construct, make your stay in Heaven heaven.

Planning on a trip to Digha or Mosuni Island? Or wishing to walk on the beaches of Puri?

The best option available to commute to have your own vehicle. You’ll have to pay so much if you choose a flight, train, bus or hire a cab.

Renting 2 wheelers is the most continent option in this era’s fast-moving world.

Nobody knows in which city they would stay after a few months. Maybe your Dream city is waiting for you.

We don’t want you to think about your bike when you’re about to leave. Buying has always been a hassle related to papers and the hidden costs.

Rent a bike in India (bike rental in Kolkata) from us which is as good as a brand new vehicle.

Leasing a vehicle from Just Bike is easier than ordering food, 4 clicks, and you have the vehicle of your choice.

bike rental in kolkata
bike rental in Kolkata

The word Bikation is a mixture of 2 words, Bike and Vacation (so, BIKE-VACATION).

After a long time of homestay or regular office, you deserve a break and you should gift yourself a vacation.

Don’t worry about the first part, Just Bike will offer you a variety of bikes to choose from to complete your Bikation.

Download our app from Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS to check out places of interest and worth visiting in-city and outstation from your

Bike Rental in Kolkata’s Current Location

Going for a trip is easy. The most challenging task is to plan how to go about commuting various places.

If you are planning for a shared taxi, you are dependent on the driver’s wish.

If you hire a car, you’re bounded by the driver’s mindset. Rent a bike in Kolkata and avail great offers and discounts on leasing it from Just Bike.

bike rental in Kolkata Just Bike delivers faster than our ex betrays.

We care for you, so we have a long-running list of accessories to rent for road trips from Body Gear to Tank Bag.

Standard, Cruiser, Sport Bike, Touring, Sport Touring, Dual Sport, Scooter, Off-road, Just bike just has these vehicles for you to choose from for renting and becoming the virtual owner.

bike rental in raipur | bike rental in raipur | Bike Rental In Kolkata 2020

bike rent in raipur just bike is coming soon in Chhattisgarh

bike rental in Raipur | bike rental in Raipur

bike rental in chattisgarh
bike rental in chattisgarh
bike rental in chattisgarh
bike rental in chattisgarh
bike rent in raipur
bike rental in Raipur. 
 bke rental in  Bilaspur
bike rental in  Durg
bike rental in Raigarh
bike rental in  Bastar
bike rental in  Surguja
bike rental in  Rajnandgaon
bike rental in  Korba
bike rental in  Janjgir-Champa
bike rental in  Jashpur
bike rental in  Koriya
bike rental in  Mahasamund
bike rental in  Dhamtari
bike rental in  Kanker
bike rental in  Kawardha
bike rental in  Dantewada
bike rental in  Narayanpur
bike rental in  Bijapur
bike rental in  Balod
bike rental in  Bemetara
bike rental in  Mungeli
bike rental in  Baloda Bazar
bike rental in  Gariyaband
bike rental in  Kondagaon
bike rental in  Sukma
bike rental in  Balrampur
bike rental in  Surajpur


Bike Rental in dumdum | Rike rental near dumdum airport

Bike rental in dumdum | bike rental near dumdum airport

Bike Rental in dumdum:-The airport was earlier known as Dum Dum Airport before being renamed in 1995 after Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, a prominent leader of the Indian independence movement.

Dum Dum is >5 minutes from Belgharia Railway Station.
>5 minutes from Birati Railway Station.
>10 minutes from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Dum Dum, Kolkata.

bike rental in dumdum
bike rental in dumdum

Dumdum Municipality organized the Nale Jhole food festival every year and this year was no exception. They tried there level best to arrange a great food festival for Kolkata‘s food lovers.

All the hungry Bengalis are invited to the food festival with lots of love to come and enjoy various delicious food items. The Nale Jhole food festival 2020 was open till 26th Jan 2020 this year. So don’t get late from next time be there as soon as possible and have a great evening with your food.

Bike Rental in Salt lake | bike rental in new town | Bike Rental In Kolkata

bike rental in salt lake|bike rental in a new town

Bike Rent in Salt lake;-new town or Salt Lake is a city in Kolkata Municipal Corporation of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. It is close to Kolkata and also a part of the area covered by the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA).

Bike Rental in Salt lake
Bike Rental in Salt lake

It was developed between 1958 and 1965 as a planned satellite city to accommodate the burgeoning population of Kolkata. just bike self-drive bike rental offering in salt lake sector 1, salt lake sector 2, salt lake sector 3, salt lake sector 4, salt lake sector 5.

Bike Rental In Tollygunge | Bike hire service in tollygunge

bike rental in tollygunge kolkata
bike rental in tollygunge

bike rental near me Tollygunge, bike hire service near me Tollygunge

Just Bike welcomes you to one of the most exotic bike rental services in Kolkata.

bike rental in tollygunge:-Your search for the best bike rental service in Kolkata comes to end here with endless opportunities to enjoy the ride of your life with our Just Bike.

We are widely known for our inexpensive bike for rents and range of most-desired 2 wheelers based in Kolkata. The evergreen Kolkata never stays behind when it is about being the city of joy, the home to millions of vivid people belonging from different cultures and beliefs. With the fading essence of colonial architecture dispersed across the city, its cultural and conventional roots will always be enshrined by the souls of Kolkata.

Breaking the wind and taking a ride while your wheel rolls on the Howrah bridge sounds enthralling. Kolkata has innumerable places to explore be it night or day. The smartest and quickest way to experience the beauty of Kolkata is what we want you to have when you desire for the best bike rental in Kolkata.

Why are you searching for bike rental in Tollygunge?

Just Bike rent in Kolkata has come up with a holistic approach to make your journeys memorable and hassle-free.

bike rental in Tollygunge, bike hire service in Tollygunge

bike rental near me Tollygunge, bike hire service near me Tollygunge

Why are provide a bike for rent?

In Kolkata, we provide bike rent for exploring old memories of Kolkata like Victoria, kali ghat, Howrah brize, dakhineshwar kali temple, Belur math, Shyambazar 5 point, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Eco Park, National library,  Indian Coffee House, Jorasanko Thakurbari, Kumartuli, Rabindra Bharati University, Esplanade Old Hogg Market, Raj Bhawan, Indian Museum,  St. Paul’s Cathedral, Eden garden,  Alipore Zoological garden,  Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden,  Science City,  Rabindra Sadan,  Rabindra Sarobar Lake,  Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Floating Market  Patuli or a trip to nearby  Kolkata like Digha, mandarmani, Sundarban National Park, Bakkhali,  Purulia, etc.

Why Choose Just Bike rental service in Kolkata?

bike rental in Tollygunge, bike hire service in Tollygunge

Just Bike is the most chosen bike rent in Kolkata because of our unmatched service and incomparable rates. People all over Kolkata and outside choose us for our range of impressive and affordable bikes. Apart from our in-house bike choices, we are chosen for our on-time and satisfactory service.

Just Bike is one of the largest providers of two-wheeler rent in Kolkata serving with client-centered thoughts and integrity all the years. The specially designed rates will give everyone a chance to ride the ever-desired bikes starting from Rs 7/ hour with zero deposits and no kilometer boundaries.

bike rental in tollygunge
bike rental in tollygunge

In the time span of only a few years, we have managed to grow ourselves by keeping in pace with your needs and choice. We are liked and recommended by many of our loyal clients because of our classy and best bike rental service in Kolkata.

Reasons why, Just Bike hire in Kolkata is the most preferred among others:

  • No hidden charges
  • No Deposit Money from clients
  • 100 % Bike delivery and Pickup
  • Extensive range of Bikes for you
  • Specially designed tariffs plan for you
  • Seamless 3 minutes booking via the app
  • Bike Ride training for both men and women
  • Book on an hourly, daily, weekly & monthly basis

Just Bike always makes sure that the clients are happy and satisfied with our lowest-price bike rent in Kolkata. While booking you can opt for extra helmets if you have a partner to accompany you. We are working day and night to keep you safe and make sure you have a smooth ride that too within your budget.

On subscription, there will be seasonal packages for our loyal clients to make them feel special. Our utmost importance is to take care of our clients, no matter what they necessitate.

Our Presence in India

bike rental in Tollygunge;-Just Bike has established in Kolkata and is solely serving the people of Kolkata with special tariff plans and convenience of time. We believe we will soon start operating in the untouched areas so that everybody who has to struggle for a daily commute and high-travel expenses can afford to ride our bike rent in Kolkata without deposits and other parts of the country.

A few of our Top Locations in Kolkata are: 

Howrah Rail Station     Sealdah Rail Station


Kolkata Airport                        Dharmatala


Shyambazar                             Central Avenue


Salt Lake                                  Tarantola

Apart from our headquarters in Kolkata, we are trying to expand and keep our presence in almost every state of India. Currently, we are serving within the range of 40 cities spread around 17 States.

Our priority is to change the notion of the daily commute and adventurous trips and want everyone who is interested be it a bike enthusiast or a hardcore rider, be it a daily office-goer or a sporty man in his 50’s,  be it a  lady biker or a passionate explorer to join our organization to experience the freedom of self-drive bikes in Kolkata and other major cities of the country.

We are currently serving whole-heartedly with the objective to bring a smile to your face in the undermentioned states and cities :

State 1: West Bengal

  • Bike rental service in Kolkata
  • Siliguri
  • Durgapur
  • Asansol

State 2: Maharashtra

  • Bike rent in Pune

State 3: Odisha

  • Bike rent in Bhubaneswar
  • Puri
  • Cuttack

State 4: Bihar

  • Bike rent in Patna
  • Bhagalpur
  • Gaya
bike rental in Tollygunge, bike hire service in Tollygunge

State 5: Jharkhand

  • Bike rent in Dhanbad
  • Ranchi
  • Deoghar
  • Bokaro
  • Jamshedpur

State 5: Assam

Bike rent in Guwahati


State 6: Himachal Pradesh

bike rental in Tollygunge, bike hire service in Tollygunge

Bike rent in Manali



State 7: Chattisgarh

Bike rent in Raipur

State 8: Gujrat

Bike rent in Ahmedabad

State 9: Goa

Bike rent in Panaji

State 10: Karnataka

Bike rent in Bangalore


State 11: Manipur

Bike rent in Imphal

State 12: Sikkim

Bike rent in Gangtok

sTate 13: Tripura

Bike rent in Agartala

State 14: Arunachal Pradesh

Bike rent in Itanagar

State 15:Nagaland

Bike rent in Kohima

bike rental in Tollygunge, bike hire service in tollygunge

State 16:  Telangana

Bike rent in Hyderabad

State 17: Uttarakhand

Bike rent in Dehradun

bike rental in Tollygunge, bike hire service in Tollygunge

Client Testimonial

People have already started loving the passion inside us to make every ride simple, safe, and pocket friendly. Over time we have built our relationships stronger with the clients and that’s the reason they prefer Just Bike more than any other local bike rental service in Kolkata. Here are a few testimonies from our loyal and happy clients.