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Terms & Conditions

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General Terms and Conditions

1. The rider should age 20 years or above to rent a Just bike. If the rider rents a bike without reaching the designated age the booking will be canceled without any refund.

2. Every rider should provide original documents for verification that is undermentioned :

Document 1: Driving License

Document 2: Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport (Any one of the mentioned)

3. Two-Wheelers booking will depend on demand and supply. JUSTBIKE Services PVT. LTD reserves the right to cancel any booking if it is considered necessary.

4. The rider is strictly requested to abide by the Traffic Rules and Regulations. If not, the challans (if any) issued to the rider will have to pay the fine to the penalizing authority.

5. Driving is strictly prohibited under the affect of Alcohol and Drugs. JUSTBIKE Services Pvt. Ltd will not be accountable to compensate for any such incident under those circumstances. The rider will be held fully responsible to pay for any damages(if any) to the service provider for the same.

6. Customer after ride ends should drop the bike at the same place of pick up. No further request for a change in drop location would be acknowledged later

7. In case a rider thinks that they will be late for the drop time, they should take the help of the customer care or field executive to ask for a trip extension if it is available.

8. After the booking has already been confirmed from our end customers would not have the privilege to change the pickup time, date and location.


Pick-Up and Delivery of Vehicle

1. The rider is allowed to first check, analyze and then take a test ride before taking the delivery and make sure he/she is convinced with the quality of the vehicle.

2. Once the rider confirms and picks up the vehicle from the service provider, it will be considered that the customer is fully convinced with the quality of the vehicle and further exempts JUSTBIKE Service Pvt.Ltd of any liability that might come up due to any damage caused to life or property that takes place due to mechanical failure of the vehicle or any of its parts or accessories.

3. The customer must be aware of the vendor office timing and the pickup and drop should be within the given vendor office time.

4. After the trip ends, the rider should hand over the keys at the stipulated drop-off location. The trip will continue until the keys are returned and the user will be billed according to trip ending time. The vehicle has to be returned at the authorized JUSTBIKE Service Pvt.Ltd drop-off location and not anywhere else. If the rider fails to comply and return the vehicle within the given time to the drop-off location for any reason whatsoever, a penalty will be levied on the rider.


Drink and Drive Policy

1. According to the Government Motor Vehicles Act 2016, under Section 185, a motorist caught under the influence of alcohol exceeding the tolerable limit that is 30 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, will be held liable to be charged and the vehicle will be ceased by the city traffic police indefinitely. The ONN bikes under these circumstances will be liable to pay the asset cost and downtime period.

2. If the rider shows any signs of intoxication during picking up the bike, JUSTBIKE Services Pvt.Ltd will have complete liberty to abort the booking and no refund will be guaranteed under these circumstances.

3. If a bike is ceased by the City Traffic Police, JUSTBIKE Services Pvt.Ltd will not be chargeable for any of the legal proceedings set by the court and the corresponding charges will be paid by the user. ONN Bikes will not be responsible for aiding the user under any circumstances.

4. If the rider is observed intoxicated at the time of booking completion, he/she will be further blocked from using JUSTBIKE Services Pvt. Ltd services indefinitely.


Use of the Vehicle and Conduct

The user affirms that he/she shall handle the vehicle complies with all the laws and guidelines including the Motor Vehicles Act,1988 and shall not use the vehicle for any unlawful activities.

The rider should be held responsible for all the charges incurred with respect to the vehicle during the entire period of reservation and until the vehicle is returned in a manner acceptable to JUSTBIKE Services Pvt.Ltd

The user acknowledges that on Bikes prohibits the use of the vehicle in an undermentioned manner:

  • Accommodating pets on the vehicle
  • Riding with more than two pillions on the vehicle
  • Riding under the influence of alcohol or any other banned substances or consuming tobacco products on the vehicle
  • For or in any kind of race or competition or stunt show.
  • Tampering the vehicle or disassembling it in any way or altering any parts of the vehicle without prior authorization from JUSTBIKE Services Pvt.Ltd on the basis of requirement
  • Unfavorable usage, reckless riding and mishandling the vehicle causing excessive damage to the vehicle parts.
  • To carry dangerous/unlawful or prohibited material
  • Commercial usage of any type getting financial benefits
  • Using inappropriate fuel for the vehicle
  • Installing any external part or structure causing damage to the vehicle or other vehicles/human beings/ animals
  • In the circumstances of any traffic violation by the rider while using the vehicle or using your driving license must inform JUSTBIKE Services Pvt.Ltd of the same on an immediate basis. You agree that you shall be liable to compensate for all due fines and penalties associated with such a traffic breach (including speeding, parking, riding without a helmet, ignoring signals e.t.c) and JUSTBIKE Services Pvt.Ltd shall have no liability with respect to the same.
  • The bike rental is a right specified to the rider, and cannot be granted or transferred to any third party. During the ride, if the vehicle is operated by any third party, the same fair shall be added to the penalty.
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